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        Jeckson Electric Co., Ltd.(HuiZhou)
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        Corporate culture is the gene of enterprise heritage and development. Today we are faced with increasingly fierce global competition. An enterprise should not only carry out competitions in technology, product, market and capital, but also form competitive cultural advantages, and improve and adjust the organization systematically through continuous absorption and integration, in order to adapt to more complex and changing competitive environment and obtain sustained development space. Jeckson advocates inclusive and open corporate culture, emphasizes teamwork and encourages innovation.

        Corporate Management:
        From non-scientific management to scientific management by objective, modern process management and design management.

        Corporate Values:
        Product decides future, quality decides fate, efficiency decides vicissitude, and capability decides success.
        To create a self-respecting, respectful, harmonious and concerted human resources environment that respects employee personality and innovation.

        Corporate Spirit:
        Love the Company, Be Loyal to the Company, Return the Society, Serve the Country.

        Corporate Members:
        Base on Noumenon, Put Pressure on Oneself, Actively Fill in Vacancies, Advocate Teamwork, and Organize Team Competition.
        Put People, Heart, Responsibility and Quality in Place.
        Work Carefully, Live Naturally, and Behave Cleanly
        Idle People Are Not Jeckson People, Jeckson People Lead a Meaningful Life and Can Become Rich
        Forgive Others Rather Than Oneself, Accept Fate Rather Than Failure